Chocolate Box Fics

Fanfiction written for the Chocolate Box Exchange


Our Little Gathering: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, 3847 words, rated G.

Arabella Strange woke in the middle of the night, dressed, and went beyond the fields we know.


A Greater Acquaintance: Mansfield Park, 1351 words, rated G. Canon divergence AU.

Fanny planned to avoid Mr Crawford as much as possible, but his sister had other ideas.


Other Plans: Emma, 993 words, rated M. Omegaverse AU.

Harriet is the sweetest, prettiest omega Emma has ever seen, and Emma is sure that she is meant for someone better than Mr Martin, who is after all only a beta.


The Courtship of Princess Liralia: original work, 4424 words, rated G.

General Erevar has just conquered Devran, and is ready to become its king - but she didn't realize that she would need to contend with the charms of the lovely Princess Liralia.